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(EFE).- La historia de 'Garrincha', el hombre que en vida fue considerado 'la Alegría del pueblo', comenzó en 1933 y terminó un 20 de enero de hace 25 años, bajo el signo de la tristeza. Garrincha também é pai de um filho sueco: Ulf Lindberg, fruto de um caso extraconjugal que manteve por alguns meses com uma jovem sueca da cidade de Umeå, durante uma excursão do Botafogo à Europa em 1959. But though Ulf Lindberg and Garrincha never met – by the time Ulf made it to Brazil his father had drunk himself to a premature death – football created a bond between them. Sono sbarcati a Rio Ulf Lindberg e Martin, ovvero figlio e … La idea, dice Ulf, es saber más sobre su padre. Garrincha var en av de bidragande orsakerna till Brasiliens VM-guld 1958 och 1962. 1960 föddes Ulf i Umeå sedan Garrincha året innan varit på Sverige-besök med sin klubb Botafogo och även medgett sitt faderskap. If not, he could be among us celebrating the reunion with his companions from '58.". The arena is to be knocked down and its newer replacement has already been built in the same neighbourhood. Nu står Ulf Lindberg, som aldrig fick träffa sin biologiske far, i dennes hemby. Goodison Park. He is always taking selfies in Brazil shirts and often takes to social media to talk about his father’s legacy. Garrincha had ten daughters and Ulf said meeting his sisters was an emotional event. Conheceu a mãe de Ulf e deixou um herdeiro na Suécia. Lidenskapen for kvinner. Omgiven av en mängd nya släktingar som han inte hunnit lära sig namnet på. Descobriu a identidade de seu pai biológico ainda criança - e ficou muito feliz. Plans were afoot to set up a meeting between Ulf Lindberg and his biological father in Spain, in connection with World Cup 82, but nothing came of it. da Rio de JaneiroLa famiglia svedese e quella brasiliana di Garrincha si sono finalmente riunite. "My father used to drink a lot and unfortunately was not well.". Manteve contato com Garrincha por correspondência durante pouco tempo. Ulf is not alone in seeing this week's match as a chance to catch up again with his father's legacy. "Não há ninguém como Garrincha", disse Ulf em entrevista por telefone à BBC Brasil de sua casa em Halmst Recebeu do presidente da Superintendência de Desportos do Estado do Rio, Chiquinho da Mangueira, um livro sobre a história do Maracanã. Manuel and Felipe are all to aware of the royal footballing blood that flows through their veins them. He has four children: Jonas, 25, Martin, 22, and twins Hendrik and Linnea, 14. De var i byen Umeå, der levde Garrincha ut en av sine tre lidenskaper (noe som vi kommer tilbake til senere). And the passion Garrincha left in Brazil is just as alive in Sweden. [16] Ao todo, ele teve pelo menos 14 filhos. With his right leg pointing inwards and his left leg pointing outwards, Manuel Francisco dos Santos - Garrincha's real name - seemed more destined to end up in poverty and anonymity than in the pantheon of great footballers. Único filho homem vivo de Garrincha, o sueco Ulf Lindberg fala com orgulho do pai que nunca viu. Garrincha was een vrouwenverslinder. Henrik é filho de Ulf Lindberg, o herdeiro sueco de Garrincha, morto em 1983 aos 50 anos. His biographer, Ruy Castro, described the man fans called "the angel with bent legs" as "the most amateur footballer professional football ever produced". "But it was not possible. El cantante João Gilberto, nacido en 1931, (dos años antes de Manuel Francisco dos Santos, llamado Garrincha), murió recientemente. Chama-se Ulf Lindberg, tem 54 anos, é sueco e fruto de uma noite inspirada de Mané Garrincha em Umea (arredores de Estocolmo). O casal se separou e Ulf foi morar com sua mãe adotiva. The eldest, Gustavo has the bug. Lindberg zou hij nooit ontmoeten. It was 50 years ago that Garrincha put on his last show in a Brazil shirt. In the half-century since, the modern world of football is unrecognisable to the land in which he wrote his legend. Alla fine quelli riconosciuti saranno 14, undici femmine e tre maschi, più Ulf Lindberg un figlio avuto da un’avventura con una svedese ai Mondiali del 1958. Men stjärnan slocknade, han blev bara 49 år. Lindberg zou hij nooit ontmoeten. He left a legacy, planting the seeds for those who came after him. Qui Garrincha ebbe un rapporto con una cameriera diciassettenne, la quale rimase incinta; al bambino nato da questa fugace relazione, e successivamente adottato, fu dato il nome di Ulf Lindberg, e crebbe nel Paese scandinavo. Garrincha also had a talent for charming women and it was during a tour of Sweden with the Rio team Botafogo that he had a brief affair with Ulf's mother. "I very much regret never having met him," Ulf admitted. Esta sexta foi mais do que especial para os alvinegros que foram à sede do Botafogo, em General Severiano, para assistir ao encontro de Nilton Santos com o filho de Garrincha, Ulf Lindberg. Han hadde en sønn i sin hjemby, men som døde 8 år gammel i en bil ulykke. Garrincha visited Sweden only briefly but, as always, left something behind. Closer to home, back in Pau Grande where Garrincha was born and raised, his great grandchildren are hoping to live up to the family name. Martin Lindberg, nieto del legendario extremo y jugador en el juvenil del Halmstad, viaja a Brasil con su padre para conocer a la familia. O sueco foi fruto do relacionamento de um dos maiores ídolos do clube com uma mulher desconhecida, durante uma excursão realizada pelo Botafogo à Europa. E, … Manuel Francisco dos Santos (28 October 1933 – 20 January 1983), nicknamed Mané Garrincha, best known as simply Garrincha (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡaˈʁĩʃɐ], "little bird"), was a Brazilian professional footballer who played as a right winger.He is widely regarded as one of the greatest dribblers of all time, and by some, the greatest dribbler ever. His playing style was and will always be unique.". Ulf Lindberg Henrik não conheceu o pai pessoalmente, devido ao trágico problema do jogador: a dependência alcoólica. Read about our approach to external linking. July 15, 1966. He also continues to try to get a greater understanding of his father in newspaper clippings, films, TV and on the internet. Ulf even visited his estranged family Pau Grande and met his father’s former team-mates Pele and Nilton Santos. Ulf never knew his father, but he too carries the admiration for one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. Ulf has been to Brazil three times and, during one trip for a TV documentary, discovered he would never know his mother either - she had died months earlier. La herencia sueca de Garrincha. Zijn ontmaagding vond plaats in een schuur. Ulf Lindberg , som pojken döpts till, träffade aldrig sin biologiske far. Garrincha, byname of Manoel Francisco dos Santos, (born Oct. 18, 1933, Pau Grande, Braz.—died Jan. 20, 1983, Rio de Janeiro), Brazilian football (soccer) player considered by many to be the best right winger in the history of the sport. In a A 3-1 defeat to Hungary, his first and only defeat for his country, the Angel with Bent Legs bowed out. Durante uma digressão do Botafogo, Mané « pulou a cerca » e fugiu da concentração no hotel. Ulf Lindberg, em companhia do filho Martin, de 16 anos, já não conseguia caminhar normalmente. It was only at the age of seven that his adoptive parents told him that his father was Garrincha, who had 14 children through various relationships. Ulf Lindberg was born from a brief relationship Garrincha had with a local during a trip to Sweden. 11 août 2013 - Ulf Lindberg, hijo que dejo Garrincha al paso del Botafogo por Suecia en 1958. Ulf Lindberg was born from a brief relationship Garrincha had with a local during a trip to Sweden. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. "Until today, I often find myself thinking how it would be nice to have known my father and say how much I admire him," Ulf told BBC Brasil. None of them speak Portuguese, but they are passionate about football. Among his favourite modern players is, of course, Neymar, who himself has been compared to Garrincha. His great footballing blood continues to run via the veins of his heirs. Garrincha reageerde onverschillig, net als bij de geboorte van zijn dertien andere kinderen. 15-mei-2016 - Bekijk het bord "Garrincha" van Rob Tuijnman op Pinterest. It was agreed that it would happen in the following year, when Ulf was expected to travel to Argentina, during the 1978 World Cup, where Garrincha was due to work as a commentator. READ MORE: Not least seeds of his own. In 1983 Garrincha died, just 49 years of age, his mind and body ravaged by the effects of alcoholism. Dodajmy, że to podobieństwo miało przejawiać się w … Gå med i Facebook för att komma i kontakt med Ulf Lindberg och andra som du känner. Bekijk meer ideeën over Voetbal, Garrincha, Voetbal posters. Ulf Lindberg (Foto: Getty Images) O pequeno Ulf Lindberg foi adotado aos nove meses por um casal e batizado com o nome de seu pai adotivo. Felipe, Manuel and Gustavo look just as comfortable on the dirt-fields as they do on a freshly-laid, vibrant green astro-turf. He dreams of being a professional footballer. "At that moment, being the son of Garrincha became a reality for me," he said. Era muita gente a seu redor. Garrincha reageerde onverschillig, net als bij de geboorte van zijn andere dertien kinderen. On the same trip Ulf was able to visit his father's tomb in the district of Pau Grande in Mage, Rio de Janeiro. No hall, parou em frente a um painel com imagens de Garrincha e Pelé. Martin had to overcome a serious knee injury two years ago and is now training for a local football team. Sem condições de ser criado pela mãe, Ulf Lindberg acabou adotado por uma família de classe média quando tinha apenas nove meses. ", Nicknamed "Garrincha" after small bird found in Brazil, Clubs played for: Botafogo, Corinthians, Atletico Junior (Colombia), Flamengo, Olaria, International honours: World Cup winner 1958, 1962, Golden Boot joint-winner 1962 World Cup with four goals. They too take great pride in their family’s footballing pedigree. Ten drugi przydomek nadała mu jego siostra Rosa, która dopatrzyła się podobieństwa do strzyżyków, których zabijanie było jedną z głównych rozrywek małego Mane. Un partido para recordar la final del Mundial de 1958 reunirá a Ulf Lindberg, el hijo que Garrincha tuvo en Suecia, con excompañeros como Pelé. And particularly on the old land where Garrincha himself spent most of his youth – and a fair bit of his adult life, too. Rosangela’s grandson, Felipe is Botafogo fan and likes to listen endlessly to stories about his great grandfather. Resultatet ble en sønn, Ulf Lindberg. Ulf Lindberg , Son of Brazilian soccer star Garrincha, during a photo shoot on November 26, 2009 in Halmstad, Sweden. "In two years' time, I will be there. Garrincha y su hijo sueco nunca se conocieron, ya que Ulf Lindberg viajó a Brasil por primera vez cuando su padre ya había fallecido en 2005 al conocer su historia.

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